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Color LIFE  knows no winners and losers and sometimes also no end.

Nevertheless, it has itself develops, incipient under his original name " LIFE ", in the last decades with the climbed abilities in the area of the PC to an interesting, interactive graphic game with scientific background.

The scientific background is based on the reproductive-behavior of microorganisms (cells).

One can imagine the reproductive-rules in Color LIFE  on a checkered sheet of paper:

  • each rectangle marked with a circle is a living microorganism

  • without marking, the rectangle becomes here further named empty-field

A cell has eight neighbor-fields consequently:

  • per two horizontally and vertically and four diagonally

The fate of this microorganism, that is the rule, now depends from the number of the cells in its neighbor-fields:

  • it dies of "loneliness" if no one or only another cell is in the eight neighbor-fields.

  • It "suffocates" if it is surrounded from four or more cells.

  • it survives if it is surrounded from two or three cells.

  • when an empty-field has exactly three neighbor-cells, a new microorganism is born in this empty-field.

Another look emerges consequently through unique applying of the arithmetic-rules on the game field busy with microorganisms. One speaks also of a new generation.

Two simple examples should clarify the arithmetic-rules further:

Generation 0    1.Generation

    O                  O
    OOO              OO

2.Generation   3.Generation

    OO               OO
    OO              O  O
    OO               OO

(2. Example)
Generation 0    1.Generation

     O      O          OOO OOO  
   OOO OOO        OOO OOO
                            O     O

2.Generation ... 58.Generation

     O     O
   O O  O O      ...    died


Idea of the game is, to let beautiful graphic patterns originate from as simple as possible initially-patterns in the following generations, which itself surprising develops.

To this, Color LIFE  offers you comfortable support:

  • the graphic-dialog offers possibilities about the output-mode, the background-color with affiliated color-palette or to vary the cell-size.

  • The arithmetic-dialog-window enables to determine the incremental width and minimum-time of the indicated generations and the arithmetic-rule itself again.

  • You can let originate with the inputs of the shape-dialog-window through a multiple change of the arithmetic-rule within a course complex microorganisms or can look for new, remarkable arithmetic-rules.

  • In the colors - and Palette-dialog-window, the color-like look of the generations is influenced for the game-course. The attitudes of the color-dialog influences also the sound-output.

To this you experience closer details over the context-help in the dialog-windows (? - key or right mouse-button), or over the content-button in the help-application.

You can manipulate also the current generation:

  • to this you simply choose "cell-input" in the Color LIFE menu or either operate the right mouse-button or the F2-key and place the cursor with the mouse or the cursor-buttons on the game field-position that you would like to alter. By activity of the left mouse-button or the blank-key, an existing cell is removed at this position or a new cell is born in an empty-field.

In the status-line, the cell-coordinates are shown for additional control.

You start the game-course subsequent over the menu through the retraction from „pause “or „cell-input“ as well as "generation 0 input" or more quickly with the F2-key.

To the conclusion of the short introduction still some cell-patterns, that behave with the standard-arithmetic-rule (Leben2,3 Neue3) remarkably:

  Block  signaler   traveling-pattern
                    (Incremental width 4 Generations)

   OO      OOO        OOO
   OO                         O

alternating      pattern A

    O                      OOO
    O                 OOO
  OOO          OOO    

pattern B          pattern C

     O                    OO
     O               OOOOO

Can you declare even further, interestingly running input-patterns also for other arithmetic-rules ?

Much fun with it !

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