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All games are offered by jk-ware also for the Windows CE platform.

CE devices with the processors Arm/XScale, Mips, SH3 and X86 are supported.

Test versions are available to check the fault-free process on a device of all programs.

DirectSound isn't available. Instead of this, every Sound is played, interrupting or not interrupting, as one single sound file.

Further restriction, opposite the PC version of the games, is a missing installation process. All program data must traditionally be copied from the PC into a directory on the Windows CE device (Pocket PC, Handheld PC etc.) and on this links in a program group have to be created.

jk-ware 3.3 Test versions for Windows CE / Pocket PC (14546 KB)

The packages for the Pocket PC contain the programs for Windows CE up to version 4 with the X86 processor, for the Pocket PC with the processors Arm/XScale, Mips and SH3 and for the Pocket PC 2003 with the Arm/XScale processor.


Blocker Plains:

In order to hold the balls in the game, the Blocker can be moved with the stylus in all directions.

By a double pressure on the display with the stylus, one can interrupt Blocker Plains anytime.

Color LIFE:

Perpetuum mobile:

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